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Lovely Baby CD creator, Raimond Lap Created by award-winning composer and international baby music expert, Raimond Lap, Lovely Baby CDs are the only original music series in the world specifically created for babies, ages prenatal to 36 months. Through carefully crafted arrangements, these original recordings have been optimized for a baby's sensitive ears, and contribute to their emotional, intellectual and social development. It also produces extraordinary physical responses from them. Read more about Raimond's musical creations here.

There’s no better way to communicate and interact with your baby than through music. It’s an incredibly easy, fun and enjoyable activity every parent and baby can share. Whether at home, in the car or on vacation, there’s nothing more accessible than music for babies. Start making music part of your daily routine today.


Lovely Baby CDs have been embraced by the early childhood development and early literacy communities, and are used in elite infant education programs around the world - including those of the U.S. Military. Used in more than 80 countries, Lovely Baby music is truly the international language of babies. Isn't it time to introduce our music to your lovely baby? You'll be thrilled you did. WE GUARANTEE IT!

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