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Lovely Baby Music creator, Raimond Lap
Lovely Baby creator, Raimond Lap

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    Dutch composer, Raimond Lap, is a highly-respected and well-known composer of music for film, television and radio. As the creator of the Lovely Baby CD series, and having spent many years testing and refining his music, today Mr. Lap is recognized as an international baby music expert. His baby music creations have earned him gold and double-platinum sales awards.

    "I could never dream that my music has so many influences on people. I created it for babies, they love it, but also parents enjoy the relaxing effect of the music. Some even fall asleep while listening. Most important to me is the fact that my music can change the next generation, and make it a better world."

    Upon the birth of his first child, Raimond sought out quality music that would offer his child the benefits associated with early learning that music could provide. Unable to find any that met his high standards, he set out to create his own. He was convinced that the right combination of classical influences and modern styled music would give his child a future head start. This new music would stimulate his son's brain more than normal and help him develop musically and intellectually. He never gave a thought to the fact that someday in the near future, this music would grow into the worldwide resource of "edutainment" that it has become today

    All four of his children have had amazing results in school, showing great creativity and special musical interests and talents. He is convinced that apart from inherited genes, the intellectual level was reached simply by confronting his children with his specially created music.

    "Music has an indelible influence on our next generation. Responsible entertaining and educational elements, in combination with a scale of styles and classical influences, stimulate the brain of our children and gives them a lifelong creative, emotional and intellectual advance."

    The ultimate goal of his endeavor has been to enable parents to present only the best and most appropriate music for their babies.

    "It's a fact that music has a great influence on the development of a baby's brain. I truly believe this is underestimated - but we could change things. My music is meant not only for entertainment, but also for learning and developing. Let's offer our next generation the advantage of early learning."

    More information on Raimond can be found on his own
    site .

    Lovely Baby CDs are the first and only original music series in the world specifically created for the emotional, intellectual and physical development of babies ranging in age from newborn to 36 months. Unlike any other music available on the market today, these recordings are perfectly suited for their sensitive ears.

    These wonderful compositions incorporate the most beneficial elements of classical music - melody, harmony and rhythm - and are presented in a palette of contemporary music styles. Additionally, Raimond integrates an assortment of styles and musical elements into his music that stimulate a baby's brain. Lovely Baby CDs contain no vocals other than baby sounds, as lyrics at such an early age, according to Mr. Lap, don't add to the educational value of the music. Raimond uses what he calls "super-stereo" sound as a tool to develop movement and physical response. You won't find this in other baby music. Lovely Baby CDs are a revolution.

    Available today in more than 80 countries, perhaps the greatest reason for this music's worldwide appeal and success is the fact that there are probably as many adults around the world listening to Lovely Baby CDs as there are babies. Our music is so parent-friendly, moms and dads are exposing their babies to Lovely Baby CDs more often and for longer periods of time, making for a truly family-oriented experience. With music so overwhelmingly successful around the world - regardless of ethnic background, nationality or native language - Lovely Baby CDs are truly the international language of babies.

    Another amazing development with our "baby music" is that many parents tell us they, themselves play our CDs in the car - even when their babies aren't with them at the time - helping them stay calm and more careful behind the wheel. Can Lovely Baby CDs be the solution to road rage? Raimond is convinced they can!

    As a society, we can't do enough for our future generations. If you know of any friends or acquaintances that might benefit from this magical music, please help spread the word so they, too, can experience the wonderful enjoyment this music provides.

    Our music has been embraced by the early childhood development and early literacy communities, and is used in elite infant education programs around the world - including those of the U.S. Military. It's also popular with public libraries across the nation.

    Additional benefits of Lovely Baby CDs

  • Helps develop physical development and range of motion
  • An essential survival tool for traveling families
  • Stimulates creativity and a love for music
  • Enhances cognitive and behavior skills
  • Relieves stress for the whole family
  • Promotes parent-child bonding
  • Introduces sound to babies
  • Nurtures the imagination

  •      and let’s not forget…
  • Babies stop crying - parents start smiling!

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    Raimond did a radio interview over the holidays with Gareth O'Callaghan on the Gerry Ryan show on national Irish radio. This 24-minute interview really illustrates the power and magic of Lovely Baby CDs. Gerry invites moms to bring their babies by the radio to hear the music. Then - he invites them to call in to reveal how their babies reacted to the music. So pull up a chair and
    have a listen. (3.7 MB)

    Research we've conducted has revealed many women play our music - on a daily basis - while pregnant (especially during the third trimester.) Respondents explained the soothing sounds diminished the stress they were constantly experiencing. Medical research shows reducing a pregnant woman's stress not only helps her, it also has positive effects on the fetus, making for a healthier birth.

    Elsewhere, a major study shows that the amount of television children ages one to three are exposed to is directly linked to possible attention-deficit problems by the time they reach school age. While the early development community has suspected this for some time now, this new report supports these earlier beliefs.

    Instead of parking young ones in front of the TV or video player, we believe parents should instead expose them to music and other play activities that encourage parent-child bonding.

    Wall Street Journal article on the effects of TV on young children

    Another important finding about the harmful effects of video exposure at an early age

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    Wall Street Journal article on parental concerns of new video games for toddlers

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