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Eddie's story

Exactly how powerful of an effect does Lovely Baby have on the young mind? If you look at how it has affected young Eddie, we'd say pretty powerful. The following are three unsolicited emails from a mom who has witnessed, first hand, just how effective Lovely Baby CDs have been over the course of her baby's first four years of life.

April, 2005
I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much we love your music! I purchased the Lovely Baby CDs 1-4 during my fourth month of pregnancy and played one CD every day for the baby. When my son Eddie was born in March, there was immediate recognition in his eyes (at 4 days old) when we listened to your music.

At 9 days old Eddie had to return to the hospital to spend 48 hours in an incubator for jaundice. During that time, we played your music through a CD walkman into the incubator so he could hear it. As soon as we pressed play, he calmed down and relaxed.

Eddie and I listen to your music everyday and my entire family has grown to see the importance of playing music to infants. I tried to play a nursery rhyme CD to him once and he screamed until I turned it off and put the Lovely Baby CD's back on. So, thank you for making such wonderful music and bringing such happiness into our lives. D. Bonk / Edison, NJ

February, 2008
I emailed you almost three years ago regarding the reaction my son Eddie had from your music. I just wanted to give you an update on my son. At 2 1/2 years old, Eddie is obsessed with music and instruments. Eddie plays with his drums, guitar, maracas, bells, baby grand piano, tambourine, harmonica and triangle daily. His instruments are smaller replicas of the "real" thing, not electronic versions.

Eddie's interest is so strong that at 2 1/2, we have him in weekly private music lessons. At his lessons, his teacher noticed immediately that he is indeed "musically intelligent". The ONLY explanation I can give her as to where he gets this from is your music. As a child, I attempted the clarinet but was not very good at it and my husband never was able to understand reading music.

Again, thank you so much for your music for it has definitely affected my son's life and I believe that his love of music is directly linked to listening to your CDs even before birth. I have no doubt that music will be at the center of his soul forever. D

June, 2009
I just wanted to give you an update on my Son Eddie. I almost feel obligated to keep in touch with you every year because of the influence your music has had on his young life. Eddie's love of music has just become a part of who he is. He is still in weekly music lessons and is starting to read and write music notes.

Eddie turned 4 in March and all he wanted was an electric guitar (he's FOUR, most kids want legos or fire trucks...not Eddie). So, an electric guitar (and amp) he got. He likes to just sit on the couch and strum the cords to hear the different notes. Eddie doesn't play to make noise, Eddie plays to hear the music. For years now he has been able to pick out different instruments in songs. As I drive I hear from the backseat - "Mommy, I hear an electric guitar, trumpet, acoustic guitar and piano". Now, along with the instruments, Eddie only needs to hear a few notes of a song before he is saying...."this is, Hotel California by the Eagles", "House of the Rising Sun by the Animals," "Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum" (big fan of Classic Rock if you can't tell).

Although we encourage and support Eddie's love of music, I cannot take any credit for his intense interest and early talent. I know I have said this before, but, I have no doubt in my mind that it is because of your music that Eddie is this way. Basically, I just want to say Thank You! D

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